Panorama of Upper Clutha River, Otago

Recent panoramas

I’m back working on 360queenstown-wanaka full-time now and shooting 360 panoramas like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, shooting this many panos means A LOT of time spent in front of a screen stitching. Here’s a selection of recent flat panoramas I’m pretty happy with… This is a partial Exposure Fusion pano, layered in photoshop. The[…]

queenstown bike park thingymajig

Queenstown Bike Park virtual tours

Over at 360queenstown-wanaka we’ve been working to expand our 360 panoramas and virtual tours for mountain biking in the area. As part of this we’ve shot a large selection of the trails up at the Queenstown Bike Park, accessed by the Skyline Gondola. We’ll be creating location pages on 360queenstown-wanaka for each individual track shortly,[…]