Over the past three years I’ve been slowly growing my experience in creating e-learning platforms and courses.

This began with Snowboard Instruction NZ in 2016 and has evolved rapidly. I’ve since had the pleasure of creating 8 different courses for SBINZ, including two in Mandarin, and have begun contracting e-learning services to other organisations.

Step in Drowning Prevention Auckland!

The 360 New Zealand team delivered the first ever public online learning platform for the water safety sector here in NZ. The project was multi-faceted, including video production, 360 video, web design, and e-learning. It has since evolved dramatically and we recently finished our second shoot with the Auckland-based non-profit organisation.

My role has been project manager, filmer/DOP, editor and e-learning course designer.

Check out the project write-up over at 360newzealand.com.