As an integrated digital marketing service, our small team at 360nz have been providing clients with much more than a new website or a one-off 360 degree video.

In the past year we’ve had a number of projects that began with a single digital asset but quickly grew into a multi-asset marketing strategy.

Many of these projects included short promotional videos or “sizzle” reels to be be featured on the client’s websites, used in agent booking offices and featured heavily on social media.

Here’s a few examples…

GForce Paragliding

A multi-faceted project that included a new website (with multiple languages), a 360 degree video and a 30 impact promo video (or sizzle reel).

Read about the project here or check out the 30 second promo video below.

Aomori Spring Ski Resort

What began as a web design project for their ski resort, hotel and golf course, continued on into a two week media shoot, including both stills photography and video.

Here’s one of those edits shot with renowned pro-snowboarder Louie Vito…

MyPakage NZ

This short edit was put together right before Christmas as a way to generate some type around the mens underwear brand during peak shopping time. The concept was to use the MyPakage Ambassador and Freeride World Tour athlete Sam Lee in an environment that represented summertime but still utilised Sam’s athletic abilities.

Sounds obscure right? Watch the edit and all will make sense…

Connection – a passion project and test edit

360nz went through a substantial equipment upgrade at the end of 2017, so I decided to put together a short passion piece to see how efficient and powerful the new gear really was.

This was a one-day shoot and edit using the Sony A9, a 12-24mm G Lens and the Merlin Steadicam rig…