Every month or so I take a new 360 panorama that I’m rather proud of. Right now it’s this one…

Autumn panorama in Wanaka

Autumn panorama in Wanaka

Autumn is such an amazing time of year to shoot in Wanaka. I’ve been thinking about this pano for a while – I actually drive past this spot every single day. But I’ve also been waiting for the perfect conditions; calm winds, the sun close to setting with a gentle layer of cloud acting as a subtle filter, and the right amount of leaves on the ground.

I liked this 360 panorama so much that I turned it into our 360qw Facebook timeline photo, using a template I created a while ago that combines the timeline image with the profile image…

360queenstown-wanaka Facebook timeline image

360queenstown-wanaka’s Facebook timeline image

*Feeling proud*