UPDATE: 360skytours as a brand has been wrapped up, however the aerial virtual tour service is now completely under the 360 New Zealand brand here.

For the past eight months or so, myself and 360 New Zealand business partner Richie Johnston have been working on evolving our virtual tour technologies to include an aerial perspective. This evolution went better than we could have imagined.

The end result is a completely new product for our range of services; a 360 degree virtual tour from the sky!

360skytours logo

Enter 360 Sky Tours

With 360 Sky Tours we’re setting a new standard in virtual tours and audience engagement.

Our aerial virtual tours offer a completely unique perspective and will elevate the experience of the viewer. They showcase locations from vantage points not typically possible for the everyday human outlook. They create an engagement with the featured business, brand or location, that goes beyond stills photography and video.

360 Sky Tours can be embedded on our customer’s websites, utilised at trade shows or in sales offices, viewed on all mobile devices and desktops alike.

Our Sky Tours are also viewable on VR headsets, taking the level of engagement to heights.

A New Brand, Website and Tagline

With this product being particularly unique, we felt it was important to create a variation of the 360 brand and launch a new website alongside it. The branding part was fairly easy. We made the decision to continue with the strong 360 logo shape that is already established and only change the typeface and colour palette.

The website need to communicate the feeling of space and perspective. It needed to captivate the viewer quickly, using our stunning imagery, then showcase the product within one click.

The 360skytours.com homepage

The 360skytours.com homepage

We worked hard to create a tagline that was short and punchy, imparted two specific elements: the elevated height and perspective of the audience. We also needed to tie in the end user, i.e. our client’s customer. Here’s what we came up with…

“Elevate Their Perspective”

So Who’s the Market?

Our target audience with this new product is any medium to large business that need to showcase the beauty or layout of their location. This includes:

  1. Tourism offices and destination locations
  2. Real estate developers
  3. Resort hotels and luxury lodges/retreats
  4. Golf courses and other large sporting/recreation facilities

The product is very customisable and we’re already working with a local client to modify the interface and interaction, catering to their specific needs.

Check it out for yourself here.