Back in Japan

Santa came one day late this year…

It’s been a slow start to the 2010/2011 season in Japan this year. I arrived in mid-December to see a whole lot less snow than the same time last year. But in true Japanese style, it all came down at once.

Christmas night saw 55cms fall in about 6 hours on Mt Annupuri, Niseko’s well-known peak. I wasn’t even aware of the snow fall until I received a “let’s get moving” phone call from local photographer Glen Claydon at 7.30 on Boxing Day morning.

If you measure 55cms next to you it only really comes up to your thigh, but when you’re riding in it, it seems a whole lot deeper. Check out how deep this day was in this shot of Glen’s…

Niseko Hirafu Keith Stubbs - Dec 26th 2010

Photo by Glen Claydon, rider Keith Stubbs